Tuesday, October 11, 2011

6pm.com---you MUST check it out!!

So last week in clinicals, I mentioned that I really liked one of the RN's Danskos...I alternate between three pairs of Danskos (black, brown and a charcoal 'eel' print)---that's when I was introduced to 6pm.com .  Wow---what a great site!!  I IMMEDIATELY ordered two pairs of Danskos for less than what one pair retails for!!  I am now the proud owner of these spiffy new shoes:

They have all sorts of shoes, clothes and accessories for men, women and children...I'm currenlty scoping out a cute pair of Keen sandals for Cole for next spring/summer.  They've got FREE shipping right now, but even when you have to pay shipping, it's only $6.95 for as much as you can afford to put on your credit card!!  LOL 

Happy shopping!!!

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