Thursday, November 3, 2011

REI Certificate---$15 for $25

Just got an email and today you can buy a $25 gift certificate for $15 for can be used in the store or online.  This came at just the right time for me, as my oldest son has started mountain biking and he has a wish list for Christmas at REI.  Check it out and get one while you can!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sharing My Little 'Secret' For Stretching My Kits

So, you get a kit and you want to make the absolute MOST of love the patterened paper so much and you just can't bare to cover up the other side (b/c you like it, too!!)....what's a girl to do??  And the cardstock, it matches so perfectly...that background color would make perfect photo mats on another layout....hmmm.....

When I have extra paper, I just use it...but when I'm working with a kit and don't always have the extra paper right there with me, this is my answer!!  I'm known for cutting the backs out of layouts to stretch the kit a little I the only one??!!  :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall in the Mountains

There's nothing like fall in the mountains!  Our leaves are turning, the air is crisp and I've been burning my fall scented candles.  I took this pic with my phone last week at the bottom of our driveway....I LOVE FALL!

November is right around the corner and I'm looking forward to my first month as a DT member over at 3 Scrappy Boys.  I'll get my kit tomorrow so that I can start scrappin'....can't wait to get that November Trio and maybe I can post some sneaks as soon as I get my LOs going...stay tuned!

Until then, keep on scrappin'!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tuesday, October 11, 2011 MUST check it out!!

So last week in clinicals, I mentioned that I really liked one of the RN's Danskos...I alternate between three pairs of Danskos (black, brown and a charcoal 'eel' print)---that's when I was introduced to .  Wow---what a great site!!  I IMMEDIATELY ordered two pairs of Danskos for less than what one pair retails for!!  I am now the proud owner of these spiffy new shoes:

They have all sorts of shoes, clothes and accessories for men, women and children...I'm currenlty scoping out a cute pair of Keen sandals for Cole for next spring/summer.  They've got FREE shipping right now, but even when you have to pay shipping, it's only $6.95 for as much as you can afford to put on your credit card!!  LOL 

Happy shopping!!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

First Day of School

Well, we started our day VERY early when Cole woke me up at 2 a.m. crying.  He couldn't get back to sleep in his room...he'd been having a bad dream and I could tell there was no use in trying to force him to go back to sleep in his room.  So, it was off to the couch for the two of us.  Now remember....he had to be up about 6:30 or so to start getting ready for his first day of KINDERGARTEN!!  I attempted to sleep on the couch with him, but he was so wiggly I couldn't get much sleep.  Brad came through about 6:40 to tell me my alarm had been going off.  I told Cole to get up and get ready...that's when he told me he wasn't going to big school today.  Uh oh...LOL!!  Well, Brad talked him into getting ready and he seemed back into the swing of it all...until we went to leave and I wanted some pics of the kids....when I said "say I love Rosman!!," I got "I hate Rosman" and a dirty look from Cole (and now looking at the pics I notice the poor baby's bags under his eyes!!)....Austin was surprisingly coorperative (I've decided he felt bad for me)...

I did manage to get a smile out of him before we left...and a few when we got to school........

Brad and I walked Cole to his class and I was tearing up as we walked down the hall.  I tried to play it cool when we got to the class, but it was a little overwhelming.  I managed to nod and wave to other parents I knew, but I sure as heck could muster up any words for them.  It was awful....the tears poured and Cole looked at me like "WTH, Mom??"  lol  I dabbed my eyes and tried to calm down but I knew if I didn't get out soon, I'd have a real meltdown and I didn't want that. 

I snapped a few more pics of Cole and then Brad and I jetted to go have a very quiet, depressing which time I realized that I had toilet paper all in my hair, on my shirt and stuck in my eyelashes...note to self---stash Kleenex in pocket next time...NOT toilet paper!!

Brad called me when he picked Cole up and I talked to him on the phone...he told me he'd cried after we left b/c he wanted awful!!!  As I ask about his day, he tells me he was too tired to eat lunch....I found out he SLEPT through the cafeteria!!  POOR BABY!!  So, then Brad takes Cole to his dentist appt. (maybe not the best idea to schedule a denist appt. after the very first day of school) and sends me a text with this pic......, needless to say, I left work and went to the dentist office to rescue my baby...he was SOO tired and just wanted his mama.  He QUICKLY got his teeth cleaned while laying on me (and they felt so bad for him he left with a Woody and Lightening McQueen toothbrush) and I took him back to work with me while Brad waited for Austin's appt to finish up.  Cole napped at the store and then we took him to "the Donalds" for some dinner.  Then it was a nice hot bath at the house and bed time...

Here's hoping that tonight is a better night for him, so that he can have a better day at school tomorrow!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Guest Designer at 3 Scrappy Boys!

Good morning, all!  August is here and that means there are new kits over at 3 Scrappy Boys.  I was so excited when Heather asked me to help her out this month and be a guest designer.  She gave me the August Trio  and I went to work.  This kit is packed with great papers, lots of stickers (2 sets of alphas!!) and some cool embellies (as usual!)....I really enjoyed using it. 
I created these three layouts using the Echo Park, Cosmo Cricket and Jillibean Soup papers in the kit.

I still had lots of patterned papers and stickers left, so I started making cards.  When I ran out of cardstock to make full cards, I made a few card fronts that I can stick on cards as needed.

So, I got 3 layouts, 1 card and 3 card fronts out of the August Trio....and I still have an entire set of Jillibean Soup alphas, lots of Studio Calico letters, some Echo Park and Jillibean Soup cardstock stickers, a few buttons, some Jillibean Soup sprouts, lots of scraps of patterned paper and so much more!!  In other words, with the addition of some of my stash of cardstock, I can make SEVERAL more layouts using this awesome kit!!  I can't wait to have some more scrappy time so that I can use up the rest of this kit!  Thanks so much, Heather and 3 Scrappy Boys, for asking me to be create with the August Trio!

Until next time.....................

Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Poor, Neglected Blog!

While I knew it'd been awhile since my last post, I didn't realize that it'd been over 2 1/2 months...yikes!  I'm going to have to get better at that!  So, since my last post I've completed another semester of nursing school---3 down, 2 to go!  I finished up this summer with a 90, so I was pretty pleased about that (especially since the class on my campus that just graduated lost TEN students last summer and we ended up losing TWO this summer!!).  I've got a little over two weeks off of school, and I'm looking forward to just spending time with the family and working...trying to live a somewhat normal life before the chaos of class and clinicals kicks back off.

I have been able to scrap quite a bit, despite being in school.  It's my little escape from the books and studying.  I'll have to get some pics taken and share some of my recent scrappy creations.

Until then, thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

2 Down, 3 To Go!!

That's right...two semesters of nursing school down, and 3 more to go!!  Woo Hoo!!  Finished up yesterday with spring semester...have managed to pull Bs in all of my nursing classes and that's been such a relief...I've never been one to celebrate a B (I'm an A kinda girl), but after busting my butt 1st semester and getting a 90 (that would have been an A if we used a 10 point scale), I decided that I wasn't going to kill myself to try to get an A.  So, Bs it is!! :)

It was a great weekend here...with NSD on Saturday, I worked at Sandy's Scrapbook Corner  and then did some of the challenges over at 3 Scrappy Boys.  It was nice to get some scrappin' done!  For Mother's Day, I fixed lunch for my Mom and we all just enjoyed some family time before I hit the books for a little bit.

Before I go, I'll share two more of the challenges that I did over at the 3SB NSD crop:

<-------- This was for Heather's challenge to use some circles.  I wasn't a big fan of this paper...kinda on the cutesy side for me, but it worked PERFECTLY with these pictures of Cole in the monster towel my sister, Shannon, gave him for Christmas.  This actually ended up being my favorite layout that I did for the crop!!

This card was made for Heather's other challenge, which was to use some product packaging on a project.  I needed a card for my Mom for Mother's Day and this was so perfect  for it!!!  The card itself is made from the packaging sheet that came in a collection pack of Echo Park paper.  It was a little flimsy, but I just put some cardstock inside and it worked great!!  On the inside, I used some of the little alpha stickers from the collection and spelled out "YOU ARE THE BEST" and then stamped "Happy Mother's Day."  Great challenge, Heather!!

Thanks for stoppin' by!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Layouts WITH Pictures...A New Concept! :)

In honor of National Scrapbook Day, I did something I haven't done in FOREVER....I scrapbooked AND put pictures on my layouts!!  lol  I know, sounds odd...but I do several pages a month for classes or when I just want to follow a sketch, but I have a PILE of pages with no pics.  I'm sure one of these days I'll get around to adding them!!

Anyway, I did these next two layouts for challenges over at 3 Scrappy Boys .  The first was for Jennie's sketch challenge using a die cut paper and the second was for Heather's raw chipboard challenge

And, seeing as how it's 4 a.m. and I can't get back to sleep, I'm seriously considering trying to hammer out a few more challenge layouts!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mama's out there!!  

Friday, May 6, 2011

National Scrapbook Day Over at 3 Scrappy Boys

Wow, so it's been a little while since I last blogged, but now is the PERFECT time to get back on it!!  Heather over at 3 Scrappy Boys  asked me if I'd like to do a little tutorial for NSD....of course I wanted to!!  There will be lots of great stuff going on on the 3 Scrappy Boys forums, so head over and do a few challenges or check out some other tutorials!

I decided to focus on the Sew Easy Piercer for 2 reasons...1-I've used it and think it's a cool little tool....2-I know that some people have had reservations about using it and getting it to go straight. 

First, it really does work better if you have a piercing mat like the one put out by We R Memory Keepers.  The holes will be ready for you to stitch, whereas you'll have to poke through little indentions if you're not on a mat (and they're hardly visible).  If you don't use a mat like this, please make sure that you are careful, as rolling it on a hard surface can break off the little "hole makers."

Next, it really isn't difficult to make this tool roll straight when that's the look you're going for.  Simply put your paper on the mat, line a ruler up and follow the ruler with the Sew Easy tool.  It might take a little bit of experimenting with to figure out where the holes are going when you use the ruler, but it gives such a great look to layouts that it's worth playing with a little until you get the hang of it!

I used this method, along with the Basic Grey papers from Life of the Party (which can be found in the New Products section at 3SB) to create this layout------------------->

I wanted to make my own embellishment and add a little extra to it with the Sew Easy Piercer tool, so I cut out this rose with a Lifestyle Crafts die (if you don't have the die, no worries....simply draw a pinwheel and cut it out by hand!).  I then slowly rolled the tool around the edge of the paper flower.

Then stitch on the flower using the holes made with the Sew Easy Piercer.  I used a backstitch (ok, so I think that's what I used...I'm not much of a seamstress!), but you can do whatever design you choose.

Next, using a pencil or the end of your paper piercer, roll the edge of the flower from the outside in until you reach the center.  Then you can unroll it and hand roll it tighter---do this a few times until the rose has a look you like.  You can really manipulate it as much as you'd like at this point....roll out the edges some if you'd like, squish it down...possibilities are endless...PLAY!!  Once you have a shape you like, put a few glue dots down on that base in the middle and adhere your rose together.

Now you're ready to add it to a layout, card or altered project!!

The last little thing I did with the Sew Easy tool was to use it on some chipboard letters.  You start by rolling the tool over your letters.

Because the letters are thicker, you can't just poke a needle through.  I used my paper piercer to make the holes go all the way through
 the chipboard letters.

Finally, I  sprayed my letters with Maya Mist, allowed them to dry and then stitched on them using the holes I made.

The Sew Easy Piercer is a fun and EASY tool to use to add that special touch to your projects.  The handle comes with a straight stitch head, but you can also get interchangable heads with different stitch patterns.  The tool comes with a needle and the handle has storage in it to hold that needle!!  Be sure to check them out over at 3 Scrappy Boys...Heather has the tool and heads on sale for National Scrapbook Day!!

Enjoy National Scrapbook Day!!  I hope you're able to spends lots of time gettin' your scrap on!!!