Monday, August 15, 2011

First Day of School

Well, we started our day VERY early when Cole woke me up at 2 a.m. crying.  He couldn't get back to sleep in his room...he'd been having a bad dream and I could tell there was no use in trying to force him to go back to sleep in his room.  So, it was off to the couch for the two of us.  Now remember....he had to be up about 6:30 or so to start getting ready for his first day of KINDERGARTEN!!  I attempted to sleep on the couch with him, but he was so wiggly I couldn't get much sleep.  Brad came through about 6:40 to tell me my alarm had been going off.  I told Cole to get up and get ready...that's when he told me he wasn't going to big school today.  Uh oh...LOL!!  Well, Brad talked him into getting ready and he seemed back into the swing of it all...until we went to leave and I wanted some pics of the kids....when I said "say I love Rosman!!," I got "I hate Rosman" and a dirty look from Cole (and now looking at the pics I notice the poor baby's bags under his eyes!!)....Austin was surprisingly coorperative (I've decided he felt bad for me)...

I did manage to get a smile out of him before we left...and a few when we got to school........

Brad and I walked Cole to his class and I was tearing up as we walked down the hall.  I tried to play it cool when we got to the class, but it was a little overwhelming.  I managed to nod and wave to other parents I knew, but I sure as heck could muster up any words for them.  It was awful....the tears poured and Cole looked at me like "WTH, Mom??"  lol  I dabbed my eyes and tried to calm down but I knew if I didn't get out soon, I'd have a real meltdown and I didn't want that. 

I snapped a few more pics of Cole and then Brad and I jetted to go have a very quiet, depressing which time I realized that I had toilet paper all in my hair, on my shirt and stuck in my eyelashes...note to self---stash Kleenex in pocket next time...NOT toilet paper!!

Brad called me when he picked Cole up and I talked to him on the phone...he told me he'd cried after we left b/c he wanted awful!!!  As I ask about his day, he tells me he was too tired to eat lunch....I found out he SLEPT through the cafeteria!!  POOR BABY!!  So, then Brad takes Cole to his dentist appt. (maybe not the best idea to schedule a denist appt. after the very first day of school) and sends me a text with this pic......, needless to say, I left work and went to the dentist office to rescue my baby...he was SOO tired and just wanted his mama.  He QUICKLY got his teeth cleaned while laying on me (and they felt so bad for him he left with a Woody and Lightening McQueen toothbrush) and I took him back to work with me while Brad waited for Austin's appt to finish up.  Cole napped at the store and then we took him to "the Donalds" for some dinner.  Then it was a nice hot bath at the house and bed time...

Here's hoping that tonight is a better night for him, so that he can have a better day at school tomorrow!!

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