Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

It's Halloween weekend and we're gearing up to go Trick-or-Treating in town tonight.  Cole is being Spongebob Squarepants, again.  This is actually his 3rd year as Spongebob.  The first year, it was kinda last minute and EVERYONE loved his costume when we went Trick-or-Treating.  I received so many compliments on it and it really made a mama proud!  lol  Because I had made his costume last minute, we didn't get to show off his costume at the Halloween Festival.  I was told over and over that he would've won first prize, so when he said that he wanted to be Spongebob again last year, I thought that was our chance.  I had to re-make his costume b/c he'd grown too tall for the box from the previous year, but we were ready for the Halloween Festival and the costume judging/parade.  Well, it rained last it was a no go. 

When it came time to talk costumes this year, Cole had already decided...he was going to be Spongebob...again.  So, I fixed what needed fixed (paper in the rain doesn't hold up too well, so I had to replace all of the paper) and we headed to the Halloween Festival yesterday.  There were TONS of people there and we took a spot in the 'Homemade Costume' line for judging.  I sized up the competetion in our line and felt pretty good about it.  There was a really well made costume behind was some weird, green doll, but it was a good costume.  There was also this kid dressed as an old man and the kid's dad had made this HUGE paper mache head...that was pretty cool, too.  They give ribbons for 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize, so I thought we probably had a good chance.  Well, when it came time for the judging, these teenage girls walked up and down our line and I could tell who they were picking.  They liked the kid dressed as an old guy...good call.  But then they went to this little girl in a felt Mrs. Potatoe Head was cute, but not THAT cute...but whatever.  So then, they went to a kid in a frickin' Indian costume.  I mean, seriously??  Did they not see my super cute kid dressed as Spongebob???  UGGHHH.  So, I was kinda, ummm, ticked...but was rigged or something...what happened to voting...for the people, by the people and all of that??

Anyway, after the judging, we ate lunch and then let Cole Trick-or-Treat uptown at the local stores.  Just like the past two years, EVERYONE commented on his costume...several asked what place he'd won...and I just soaked it in!  lol  As we walked down the sidewalk we heard over and over, "Oh, look, it's Spongebob!!  How cool!!"  I never, not once, heard anyone say "Oh look at that Indian.........."

So, Happy Halloween everyone!!  Stay safe and enjoy it!