Sunday, October 3, 2010

I'm in LOVE....with IKEA!!!! My IKEA experience

Yesterday was my first trip ever to IKEA.  I thought I was ready...I mean I watched a video on their site showing the process and I had researched and knew what I wanted....but holy moly!!!!  First, I highly recommend checking your kid into the play area or not bringing them at all!  I love my Cole but that turkey wouldn't go in the playroom before we went upstairs.  So, he was climbing on all the chairs and beds...falling off the rolly chairs....I managed to find everything I needed upstairs and thankfully, Cole agreed to go into the playroom before we started our downstairs adventure.  Oh how I loved that place!!!  I ended up with the two tables that I wanted and I also got this bookcase:
I found this on the display floor and they had it laying horizontal and I thought...hmmmm, love it!!  So, we got one on the 1st floor and were pushing it to the checkouts (along with all my other goodies) and I saw the sale section.  My friend Alicia had told me about it and said to be sure to check it out....I went over there and found this piece, already put together and in perfect condition for $20 off!!!  It'd been a floor model and they'd literally just put it in the clearance section 10 minutes earlier...YAY for me!!!! 

So, my IKEA experience ROCKED!!  I will have to go back again and hopefully it will be in the somewhat near future (the closest one is 2.5 hours away, so it's not something I can do often if I'm not in need of something big).

OH and on the way to IKEA we stopped at a huge yard sale.  I'm now the proud owner of an old Singer sewing machine.  No, I won't be sewing...not my thing...I just wanted it for a decoration piece.  I know several people that have them in their homes and they are so pretty.  I couldn't pass it up for $10 (and all I looked at when I bought it was the wood casing...I later noticed that the actual sewing machine in there was quite pretty too!!).  Hubby and I felt like we were Pickers from that American Pickers show!!  lol  He found this apple press that he thought was cool and since he was being a fairly good sport about taking me to IKEA, I said it was his if he wanted it.  They wanted $25 and I offered $20 and they took it....true Picker style!!!  lol

We made it home close to midnight and left everything in the truck so we could come in and crash.  We woke up this morning and ate some of the cinnamon rolls I got at IKEA....highly recommend!! YUMMMMM.  Now, off to put a table together and STUDY!

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