Friday, October 1, 2010

Here we go!!

So, I guess this is my first, official blog post!!  I decided to set this up for a few reasons...1-I wanted to be able to post some of my scrappy creations 2-I wanted a place to vent about things that need to be vented!  Thus came Livin' Laughin' Lovin...Scrappy Style!

In scrappy news, I'm going to IKEA tomorrow to get some tables for my scrap room...I am so flippin' excited!!  My scrap room is in the basement...I have 1/2 of a quite large room (if we didn't have so much crap I'd have the whole room!  lol).  Currently I have my stuff stored on an old baker's rack (which is pretty cool and I plan to keep) and several black wire shelves.  My storage area isn't so much the problem--it's my workspace.  I have a round table...have you ever tried scrappin' at a round table??!!  UGH!!  It is AWFUL!!  So, to remedy my little problem, I'll be picking up TWO of these babies tomorrow: 

Isn't it beautiful??!!  I think it will offer me PLENTY of room to spread out and well as STUDY.  Yes, I said study...nursing school requires A LOT of that and while the couch is great at times, sometimes I need a nice, quiet place to flood my brain with all sorts of nursey things.

Well, I think I'll leave the venting for another time...I'm floating on IKEA excitement right now, so there's no need to ruin that high!  lol

More next time...........

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